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Notable Prince Hall Masons

Here are just some of the men who are Prince Hall Masons that have gained public recognition through their endeavors and talents: 


-Ralph H. Metcalfe, Olympic champion

-Scottie Pippen, NBA Champion w/ Chicago Bulls

-Sugar Ray Robinson, Boxing Champion

-Shaquille O'Neal, NBA Champion w/ L.A. Lakers & Miami Heat; Widows Son Lodge #28, Boston

-Marshall Faulk, NFL Player/Hall of Fame; Southern Cross Lodge #112, East St. Louis(IL)

-Vincent Jackson, NFL Player w/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers & son of Most Worshipful Grand Master Terence Jackson;

Mountain Post Military Lodge #26, Colorado Springs


-Julian Bond, NAACP National Chairman; St. James Lodge #4, Atlanta

-Thomas Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles, California

-Emanuel Cleaver, Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri; Eureka Lodge No. 170, Kansas City(MO)

-Dwight Evans, PA State Representative; Star in the East Lodge #55

-Medger Wiley Evers, NAACP Field Secretary

-Chaka Fattah, Congressman; Light of Elmwood Lodge #45, Philadelphia

-Wilson Goode, First Black Mayor of Philadelphia; Sons of Light #120;, Philadelphia

-Augustus F. Hawkins, US Congressman California

-Benjamin L. Hooks, Former Executive Director NAACP

-Vincent J. Hughes, State Rep. 1987 - 1994, Senator 1994- present; Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 9, Philadelphia

-Rev. Jesse Jackson, Civil Rights Activist; Harmony Lodge #88, Chicago

-Kweisi Mfume, Former President and CEO, NAACP; Mount Olive Lodge #25, Baltimore

-Charles B. Rangel, US Congressman, New York; Joppa Lodge #55, New York City

-Rev. Al Sharpton, Civil Rights Leader; Jurisdiction of New York

-Carl B. Stokes, First Black Elected Mayor, Cleveland, OH

-Louis Stokes, US Congressman Ohio

-John Street, Mayor of Philadelphia; Philadelphia Lodge #74, Philadelphia

-Michael C. Watson, President & CEO, Absalom Jones Foundation

-Lawrence Douglass Wilder, First US Black Governor, Mayor Of Richmond, VA; East End Lodge #233, Richmond.

-Andrew Young, U.N. Ambassador, U.S. Congressman, Former Mayor of Atlanta; St. James Lodge No. 4, Atlanta.

-Wellington Webb, Former Mayor, Denver, CO; Mt. Evans Lodge #7, Denver

-Nelson Mandela, South African President, Nobel Peace Prize; Nelson Mandela Lodge #843, Capetown(S. Africa)


-James Forten, Abolitionist/Manufacturer

-Richard D. Gidron, President, Dick Gidron Cadillac


-W.E.B. DuBois, Educator/Author/Historian

-Benjamin Mays, Educator/Former President Atlanta University

-Booker T. Washington, Educator/Founder Tuskegee Institute

-Charles H. Wesley, Educator/Author/Historian  


-Egbert Austin "Bert" Williams, Actor/Comedian

-Richard Pryor, Comedian; Richard Brown Lodge #22, Peoria, IL

-Matthew Henson, Explorer


-Samuel T. Daniels, Grand Master of Maryland for Three Decades

-A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. 33°, Campbell-Wash-Joppa Lodge #37, Philadelphia

-Harry A. Williamson, Author/Masonic Historian


-Timothy Thomas Fortune, Journalist

-John H. Johnson, Publisher EBONY and Jet Magazines

-Robert Sengstacke Abbott, Founder/Publisher of the CHICAGO DEFENDER 


-A. Phillip Randolph, Founder/ First President, International Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters 


-Thurgood Marshall, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court


-Alex Haley, Author


-Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr., General U.S. Air Force 


-William "Count" Basie, Orchestra Leader/Composer

-James Herbert "Eubie" Blake, Composer/Pianist

-Nathaniel "Nat King" Cole, American Pianist and Singer

-Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, Orchestra Leader/Composer

-Lionel Hampton, Orchestra Leader/Composer

-William C. Handy, Composer


-Richard Allen, Founder/First Bishop, AME Church

-Elijah Muhammad, Founder of the Nation of Islam

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